2023 will be upon us in the blink of an eye. January 1st is the time to make your resolutions; however, you shouldn’t wait to ensure that you are ready for the year ahead. CSG’s 2023 checklist will assist you in preparing to make it a profitable new year.


Review Your 2022 Progress

To get where you are headed, you need to know where you came from. Reviewing your performance in 2022 is an important step in managing expectations for 2023. Examine where you excelled and identify areas of your business that need improvement. Inflation was a major issue this year and now is a good time to assess how your company handled it and how you will manage it going forward. Wrap up any outstanding projects and make space for what is to come.


Build Relationships

It’s time to re-affirm old partnerships and make new ones. Determine your most successful business relationships and work to expand their role in your company’s future. It’s also important to know those that didn’t work out and make a decision on if they can be improved. The new year is also the perfect opportunity to forge new relationships, whether they be retailers, restaurants, or distributors, that can aid in growing your business. With access to one of our comprehensive databases you can find the contacts you need and create a partnership that will last well beyond 2023.



Before 2023 starts, you should examine forecasts for next year. Spending projections and indexes can help determine where and when shoppers are looking to do business. Economic forecasts can also be helpful in determining when to ramp up production and consider the prospects of expansion. CSG’s data accurately predicted the holiday spending spike and how that revenue would be spread out over multiple months as well as monitoring the state of the economy.



Technology is an important component in any business. 2023 should be looked at as a chance to advance your usage of current tech and make your company more adaptable. Consumers are using their devices to interact with companies more than ever before and you don’t want to miss. Not every company can be on the cutting edge of every advancement, though each can make sure they are maximizing their current options, while searching for sensible ways to improve.


Preparing for Challenges

Even the best laid plans can go awry and now is a good time to prepare to meet those challenges. We know that issues with inflation and the supply chain will carry into next year. These issue could worsen or improve and every business needs to be able to pivot in multiple directions. Over the past two years companies have made adaptability their number one priority and that should continue into 2023.


2023 is bringing the excitement of a new year and new opportunities. Our checklist has outlined some opportunities for the new year to examine the potential your company can achieve. In addition, CSG’s databases, custom data, and geocoded locations can help you make every moment count. Build your insights, forecast your growth, and map your expansion by investing in CSG data today.