There is less than half of 2022 remaining, and Amazon Prime Day just wrapped up a successful run. The holiday shopping season is looming and now is the time to prepare a checklist to ensure you are ready. Getting buyers lined up is essential to your success in 2022 and there are several items to keep in mind when creating a good partnership.

  • Understand the company profiles you are selling to.
  • Find new prospects and don’t solely rely on previous or returning clients.
  • Sign up for in-person and virtual trade shows.
  • Utilize a multi-channel strategy (including email, social media, and phone).
  • Personalize your approach with each contact; don’t rely on standard
  • Be prepared to offer samples to prospective buyers.
  • Make plans to follow up using their preferred method of communication.
  • Give decision makers time to respond to your requests and be patient.
  • Pursue as many leads as necessary without losing the personal touch.
  • Be knowledgeable about your own products and how they fit in the marketplace.

The recent success of Prime Day is a signal that holiday shopping season will be booming. It’s more important than ever for suppliers to get their products in front of buyers. By following the tips above, suppliers and manufacturers can ensure that they do not miss out on the action. CSG can assist in connecting you to buyers and sellers in time for the holidays. While the holidays are approaching fast, you still have time if your marketing team acts now. Moving quickly and being agile with your strategy is the key to success and using CSG as your resource for lead generation will make this a very profitable year.