CSG’s Restaurant Sampler is a one stop shop to get an intriguing overview of the restaurant industry. The data contains quite a few surprises, and it provides tangible context for this segment. McDonald’s and Starbucks dominate the restaurant category; however, the separation in sales of these two companies from their competitors is staggering. When the data is viewed by foodservice type, we have a better understanding of this breakdown. The quick serve sector is completely controlled by McDonald’s and even Starbucks trails them by a wide margin. Conversely, casual dining is almost a four-way tie between Chili’s, Applebee’s, Olive Garden, and Buffalo Wild Wings. When looking at how restaurant break down by menu, we see that KFC and Domino’s are firmly in the lead in the chicken and pizza categories. This is somewhat surprising since competitors Popeyes and Papa Johns have made significant additions over the last few years. Based on the data they still have work to do to catch up. In addition, fifteen states are home to brands with sales over $1 billion and WA, GA, and IL all feature chains with over $20 billion in sales.

Stay tuned on how you can access this report which will be available at our NRA 2022 booth (5305) and online for download once the show starts.