Supply Chain

Supply chains have been stressed over the last few years and it appeared that it had reached its peak during the holiday of 2021. Unfortunately, 2022 has proved to be another difficult year for the supply chain and events like the invasion of Ukraine have only complicated the matter. Businesses should anticipate this logistics network disruption to continue at least for the remainder of the year. Navigating the supply chain can be a difficult task which is why CSG offers a specialized database that can help you find a distributor or wholesaler to ease the burden by taking over fulfillment.


New Business Leads

Attracting new business is always important, yet it carries more emphasis and weight this year when we consider the changes that have happened since 2020. Diversifying your customer base is key to long-term sustainability due to market instability. In addition, employee turnover reached historic levels in the last year, making the need to constantly update contact lists that much more critical. CSG offers a wide range of online database subscriptions for the retail & foodservice industries to help you make those connections. We also offer custom datasets that can be tailored to fit your specific needs. Our business lists can put you in contact with decision makers and create new relationships to support your success in 2022.


Improve Content Marketing

The pandemic shifted us towards a more digital future. Even though that online space has largely been beneficial, it has also increased competition marketing. Companies need to be seen and heard in a crowded field and new content strategies can help you rise above the noise. Social media is a major driver of these tactics and CSG’s leads database subscriptions can be used to target the followers of any companies’ social media account. This allows you to build an audience for use in paid online advertising and greatly expand your brand’s reach.


Pandemic Concerns

The constant change brought on by COVID-19 two years ago has become a part of everyday life. The pandemic may appear to have calmed down slightly so far this year; however, we must remain vigilant and prepare for unforeseen challenges that could come later. Companies have survived by being quick to pivot and testing new tactics to improve their growth. The innovation that has fueled every industry over the last few years must continue as we face more disruptions. Look for the companies that proved their mettle with CSG’s Database of Essential Retailers and TORI ecommerce retailers.


Talent Retention and Acquisition

Talent acquisition and retention will need to become a priority for every business this year. Labor shortages have created an absence of talent at multiple organizational levels. This has in turn made existing talent more valuable and more difficult to retain. Higher wages and additional benefits are becoming a must to compete for the best employees. Even if you retain most of your talent, there will still be holes to fill and companies will need to present a competitive work environment to attract new personnel. The pandemic normalized flexible schedules and remote work, meaning companies will need to be equally flexible to meet their employees’ needs. Staffing and employee placement businesses can use CSG’s HR Personnel Database to reach the people in charge of hiring for large chains. For those in retail & foodservice, our custom databases make it easy to find high quality talent in this competitive marketplace.