As we say goodbye to another year of NRF’s Retail Big Show, let’s highlight some of the top retail trends in technology for the coming year.
Supply Chain
The supply chain threatened to become a wrecking ball last holiday season as retailers scrambled to secure products and materials. There were empty shelves and shipping delays, yet businesses were able to make the best of the situation. A focus this year will be on using individual technologies to improve the supply chain and avoid bottlenecks. A.I. and machine learning will help companies determine optimal stock levels and ensure that new products are ordered before inventory drops. The year will also bring a host of new vendors and products that will diversify the supply chain and deliver different experiences to customers.



The Metaverse will factor into some retailers’ online offerings in 2022 and the medium will only evolve with feedback from users. The concept of shopping and trying on clothes in a virtual environment seems like something from the future, yet retailers are already rolling out prototypes that will be incorporated into their omnichannel experience. H&M is already preparing a Metaverse storefront that will feature clothes purchased through cryptocurrency for digital avatars which can then be purchased as a physical item and shipped to consumers. This technology could help fill the gap for consumers who enjoy the convenience of digital but miss shopping at physical stores.


Cryptocurrency/ NFTs

NFTs entered the mainstream in 2021 and were adopted by companies and celebrities alike. In 2022 we will see even more businesses jump on the train and become involved with the blockchain. Domino’s Pizza got in on the NFT craze using their promotional Noid mascot from past ad campaigns. This year will see more stores and restaurants accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment and more widespread uses of NFTs as marketing material and a source of revenue.



For 2022 it won’t be enough just to get goods to consumers’ homes, companies must focus on being faster and more efficient than they ever have been before. Restaurants are no longer stuck with third party service for their deliveries and have branched out with their won fleets and new partnerships with delivery-only kitchens. Some retailers will use drones and delivery bots in conjunction with streamlined ordering process to make same day delivery a more common occurrence.


Environmental Impact/ Sustainability.

Many companies were moving towards sustainable packaging and operations in 2019; however, the trend was slowed down by the pandemic. 2022 looks to bring environmental responsibility back to the forefront as companies reduce the single use products that became widely used over the last two years. Reusable containers are being tested at fast food chains like Burger King and other brands are moving to make disposable cutlery and napkins optional. Major chains have also set out measurable goals to reduce their carbon footprint and move their day-to-day operations towards a more sustainable future.

Stay tuned to B2Trends by CSG’s Off The Chain for Part 2 of the series next week.