Supermarket, Grocery, & C-Store

• Big Y Foods Inc. reported that it plans to hold mobile clinics for COVID-19 shots in the parking lots of selected stores in Massachusetts.

• Hy-Vee Inc. reported that it will host COVID-19 vaccination clinics at the Iowa State Fair next month.



Free Trial• Apple Inc. announced that masks will be required in select stores. The requirement applies to employees and customers.



• Church’s Chicken is modifying their Restaurant Support Center to enact a hybrid model for employees in response to the pandemic.

• Firehouse Subs is launching their ninth annual H2O for Heroes campaign after having to cancel the event last year due to the pandemic.

• KFC is launching a personal finance program for employees. The plan is part of initiatives designed to entice new hire and retain talent during the labor shortage.

• The San Francisco Bar Owner Alliance has announced that 500 bars in San Francisco will be requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccination to enter.