We have almost reached the halfway point of the year and instead of pausing to review the rest of the calendar, it is time to take advantage of the opportunities still out there. The holiday shopping season is approaching, and the train will have officially left the station when back to school begins in just a few short months. Retail holidays will fill the rest of the year once students return to school and this will be the best and last opportunity to get products in front of retail decision makers.

Every industry has been hit hard by the pandemic and 2021 is proving to be a year of recovery. We have previously reported how the economy is on a record pace to bounce back and the holidays will be stronger than we have ever seen before. The 2020 holiday shopping season outperformed expectations despite everything going on, and we should see an even greater result this year. Consumer demand is pent up and the removal of restrictions has given physical retail a new lease on life. Shoppers will be ready to spend this holiday season to make up for lost time and to celebrate the progress the U.S. has made. Students are returning to school and employees to offices for the first time in a year. While it will be a wild holiday with an opportunity to recover, will your products be ready for consumers?

Many businesses have taken a “wait and see” approach to marketing their products to buyers. However, if companies wait any longer to secure their place on the shelf, they may find no space left. Once back to school comes around it will be a mad dash to the end of the year and there will be no time left. Waiting to take action would mean missing out on an economic boom that could go a long way in recouping the financial loses of last year.

Almost every major industry has recovered or is recuperating from the pandemic. Even the devastated restaurant industry is steadily climbing back to its former self. There will always be a measure of uncertainty about the future, however all current trends point to a holiday that is filled with spending. Christmas in July is often thought of as a fun summertime party, yet it also means that holiday strategies need to be finalized to maximize potential. We are at a turning point and waiting any longer to make a move could waste all the commerce that will be on display this year.

It’s time to get your samples packaged, your plan-o-grams ready, and your sales & marketing team fired up. The next two months could make or break your Q4 revenue. Chain Store Guide provides the essential contact information necessary to reach industry the buyers and decision makers that are preparing for the holiday season as we speak. Get your products in front of the right people across all channels including direct dial phone numbers, validated email addresses, social media platforms, and paid advertising. Don’t lose out on any opportunities by waiting; subscribe today.