In a parallel universe the real estate market would be abuzz as the ICSC RECon show kicked off in full swing with thousands of attendees and exhibitors. Companies from around the world would be “deal making” to shape the commercial real estate landscape for years to come. The reality today is that the 2020 ICSC RECon show has been cancelled and companies are forced to improvise.

The flood of businesses reopening is good news; however, the pandemic has been too difficult for some companies to overcome. This, in some cases, has created opportunities for others and accurate data & analysis will be key for property owners looking to lease their newly created vacancies.  Major retail & foodservice chains, including independents, face an equally difficult uphill battle. Business plans have been rewritten and companies have to pivot to remain profitable. For example, while somewhat controversial, the struggling Chuck E. Cheese franchise rebranded as a pizza shop to gain sales through delivery services. As companies restructure, change their footprint size, or create new concepts, they will be looking for new vacancies available and the service providers to assist their transformation. Property owners can use CSG’s data to maximize each of their decisions and minimize the window of vacancies and mitigate additional loss of revenue.

For the restaurant industry, the 2020 NRA Restaurant Show often serves as a guiding light. It is especially useful to manufacturers who seek out the latest industry trends and the cancelled show could make some feel as though they are left in dark. The restaurant industry, much like the rest of the world has shown incredible resilience.

Touch-free service and delivery were barely an afterthought earlier this year, but it is now in the forefront of everyone’s mind. Many restaurants are scrambling to provide this service and others like accepting payments remotely and delivering food on plastic and paper trays. At the start of the pandemic food was still delivered in traditional paper bags or pizza boxes. As the virus continued to spread, concern grew amongst consumers. This fear was compounded when the majority of restaurants were using third party delivery apps and food being delivered by drivers that had no affiliation with the chain. Manufacturers are acting quickly to roll out solutions and products that are suited towards contactless delivery and social distancing. CSG’s restaurant and foodservice databases have the leads for restaurants that need these innovations to keep customers safe and business profitable.

Covid-19 has brought out a need for innovation and adaptability across the restaurant and retail sectors. The cancellation of these two major shows could have stifled the flow of new business opportunities, but accurate leads becomes a necessity for stability. CSG is here to ensure that your company is ready for showtime.