Covid-19 has, at least temporarily, changed the way America is doing business. The total industry impact of the virus will take time to measure, but it has caused a shift to digital B2B. On March 2nd, what was supposed to be day one of the Natural Products Expo West, instead became one of the first major trade shows to postpone its event. This was quickly followed by some of the biggest trade show closures including ICSC RECon, The Inspired Home Show, SNAXPO, Pizza Expo, and ASD Market Week. Many suppliers and manufactures rely on these trade shows to create meet with retailers & restaurants and generate new business. Small businesses in particular spend a large portion of their budgets for booths at these shows and the news of cancelations and postponements have be devastating. Some shows are planning a refund to attendees or crediting them for future shows, but for now business must continue to move forward and Chain Store Guide is here to support the industry.

CSG is uniquely poised to aid manufactures and suppliers who have had their business negatively impacted. Most of the major trade shows use CSG’s data to attract attendees and we can step in to supply the original contact databases for these retailers & restaurants. Demand for products is constantly increasing as more news of the virus comes to light and some major suppliers are struggling to keep up with their supply chain. There is an opportunity for other suppliers and manufactures to meet this new demand and help consumers by getting products on store shelves that are standing barren. In other words, the supply shortage may create openings for new products to hit shelves and reduce the decision making process.

When CSG started in the 1930’s we did so out of necessity. There were no trade shows or easy ways for a business to gather contact information and get their needed products in the hands of consumers. CSG began building its database and we have been refining it with new technology over the past 88 years. We are still working tirelessly for our clients during this outbreak and we continue to provide the most accurate retail, supermarket, and restaurant contact information that suppliers need to reach buyers. As we all are practicing social distancing our databases can be accessed digitally and leads can be pursued remotely via phone, email, PPC, and social media marketing to help keep the public safe. Covid-19 has caused standard budgets to rapidly shift and CSG’s account managers will be able to work within those new budgets. Customers need products to supply and feed their families, and stores have been struggling to provide all of those needs. We must all work together to supply America and keep families safe in this unprecedented situation.