CSG CONNECTed is an educational resource designed to empower and guide our customers to get the most out of their online leads portals whether you are in the office, attending trade shows, networking events, conferences, or on the go.

As part of Chain Store Guide’s latest set of enhancements, our databases allow PLUS/Premier subscribers to to access company & personal Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter social media handles. This feature enables you to reach out to prospects on social media by running a search in your online portal.

To access, log into your account using your desktop, smart phone or tablet. Run your search and view these handles through your company profiles or by exporting to your CRM or Excel. Handles are preformatted in the export and are converted to hyperlinks in the company profile for your convenience. You can also target companies and personnel by social platform using search criteria in the “Companies” and “Personnel” tabs. We are constantly verifying and adding more handles to our lists, so be sure to log in frequently.

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