Ann-Marie Campbell, Executive VP of U.S. Stores for Home Depot.

In celebration of Black History Month, CSG would like to spotlight leaders who have had both a positive impact on their industries and the communities in which they live.

It’s a bright Saturday morning and you awake to your normal routine. You go to use the sink to brush your teeth only to find there is a leak.  As you go down the stairs one of the steps gives out and breaks. It’s time for some home improvement. You’re likely debating whether to visit Lowe’s Companies Inc. or The Home Depot Inc. Both are likely close to where you live and in close proximity. You climb in your car only to see the red oil indicator come on. It’s decided, you’re going to Home Depot. This may sound like the start of a horrible day, but for Ann-Marie Campbell it is an opportunity to provide a customer with the right tools for the job and an excellent experience.

Ann-Marie Campbell is the Executive VP of U.S. Stores for Home Depot. She is in charge of almost 2,000 stores and over 400,000 associates. It’s a tall order to fill, but Campbell has more than lived up to the task and has made Home Depot a cut above the competition. Campbell is a walking example of the American dream as she started at the company as a cashier and has flourished as one of the most powerful executives in retail. She has made Fortune’s Most Powerful Women list and continues to be an inspiration with her Team Depot volunteer work and as a champion of the value of education. Of course, Campbell did not reach her position without hard work and business savvy. She used the money she made as a cashier to go to college and graduate with a Master’s Degree from Georgia State University. Her “people first” attitude helped her rise through the ranks at Home Depot and made her well-liked and respected amongst her colleagues. Even as a C-level executive, Campbell still makes a point to visit with associates at various stores to hear their concerns and show that the company appreciates all employees and their hard work. She reduced employee turnover and inspired trust and loyalty that allowed Home Depot to foster internal talent, much like her own talents were put to use after she started as a cashier.

Campbell has also renewed a focus on the customer in the store. She has spearheaded the digital integration at Home Depot. This has allowed customers to order online and pick up at the store which has streamlined shopping experiences while also reinforcing the value of physical stores. A new system was developed by Campbell that empowered employees to sell and manage orders which in turn created a better experience for the customer. She has also ensured that employees are knowledgeable about the products they sell so that they can provide unrivaled expertise to the consumer with a variety of home project needs. Campbell has helped Home Depot thrive while competitors in the retail space are struggling to survive as the digital transformation forces store closures. Whether you are driving to Home Depot to fix a leaky faucet or a broken stair, know that Ann-Marie Campbell has ensured that all the supplies and knowledge you need are at your local Home Depot.

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