Personnel Updates

• Boston Market Corporation (37) has announced that CEO Frances Allen has stepped down. The CEO position will be filled by Eric Wyatt who previously served as the company’s COO.

Industry Insight

• Doctor’s Associates Inc. has laid-off approximately 300 employees from its corporate office. The company says that the smaller team will help them have a faster reaction to changes in the restaurant industry.

• The Wendy’s Company has announced that they will begin serving breakfast at all locations in the U. S. starting on March 2.


Real Estate

• Crave Hot Dogs & Barbecue has entered into a new franchise agreement in Charlotte, NC and they expect to open up 8 new restaurants this year.

• Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar has opened its 37th location in Naperville, IL.

• Mamoun’s Falafel is opening a new location in Atlanta, GA. This will be their first restaurant to open in the southern U.S.

• Original ChopShop has opened a new location in Allen, TX.

• P.F. Chang’s China Bistro Restaurants has opened its first to-go location in Chicago, IL. The restaurant is hoping to capitalize on the reduced number of Chinese restaurants in the Chicago area.