In an ever-changing landscape, marketers must constantly evolve to meet the latest challenges and embrace the newest technologies to stay competitive. Social media has taken the marketing world by storm, allowing companies to directly communicate with consumers, other businesses, and generate trends, in some cases with the help of paid advertising. This Marketing 101 will show you the benefits of setting up LinkedIn as a platform for targeted advertising.

For companies conducting Business-to-Business (B2B) sales, using targeted promotions on LinkedIn is essential to lead generation marketing. You can focus on specific titles for your key accounts and be able to control who can view your message. While LinkedIn advertising has a higher cost to click/conversion ratio than other platforms, the lead quality is potentially higher, making it a positive return for the investment.

Subscribers of Chain Store Guide’s PLUS/Premier databases now have access to thousands of company level social handles, including LinkedIn. To begin, simply build the criteria, select companies with LinkedIn handles, and run. Then export the list and upload to LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager as a new audience (a matched group of contacts employed by the companies). When creating a new campaign, decision makers can be targeted using their titles or seniorities through the job experience filter. This will enable companies to narrow the reach of their ad campaigns to just those people that are responsible for purchasing.

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