Steve Easterbrook was recently let go from McDonald’s as CEO and President.

There’s a time of the night when a restaurant is closing: The distant hum from monitors displaying orders slowly fades, the clanking of fryers diminishes and the buzzing of neon signs abruptly disappears into the night; so too has Steve Easterbrook’s shift ended at McDonald’s.

Serving as CEO and President since 2015, Easterbrook was let go from the company following the revelation of a consensual relationship he had with an employee. Easterbrook was quoted as saying “This was a mistake” and took full responsibility for his actions and acknowledged his violation of the company’s policy on personal conduct.

Easterbrook grew up with McDonald’s. He joined the company in his 20’s and worked his way up until he eventually headed their European division for a stint before leaving the company for a couple years in pursuit of other opportunities. Much like the prodigal son, Easterbrook returned to McDonald’s in 2013 serving as Chief Brand Officer before eventually being given the keys to the triumphant golden-arched castle in 2015.

Upon taking the reins of the company, Easterbrook has been integral in McDonald’s turnaround plan. He has touted a vision of technology-forward and customer service driven changes in order to maintain the company’s dominance in an ever more crowded and competitive market. He came into the company at a time when same-store sales had been declining for six quarters and has, for all intents and purposes, succeeded in the vision he had for the company. During his time at the helm, McDonald’s shares have doubled in value.

Over the past year, McDonald’s has purchased two artificial intelligence-based companies (Apprente and Dynamic Yield) to further improve the way in which the customer is served. Integration of these technologies offer suggestions to customers based on past buying habits and will even make certain recommendations based on the current weather outside. Self-order kiosks, remodeled restaurants, streamlined menus and operations; these have all been implemented under Easterbrook’s watchful eye.

It is then a bit of a sobering moment for his legacy with the company to be marred by a termination such as this. Easterbrook seems to have taken this moment in stride as he says he agrees with the company’s decision and merely asks for privacy during this time. He has endorsed his replacement Chris Kempczinski, currently President of U.S. stores and a hire of Easterbrook’s, and has expressed confidence for the future. What lies next for Easterbrook remains a mystery but the impact he has made for McDonald’s will continue to shine as brightly as those trademark golden arches.

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