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Four Ways to Find the Top Companies


1. Search by Top Sales

Select the “Sales” search filter and type in the number of “Top Companies” you wish to rank. After you have made your selection, run your search “per company” and view results. You can use the “Sort Results” feature to order the list by Total Sales descending (highest first). The “Sort Results” method can be used when running all companies together and for Total Units as well.

2. Fastest Growing Companies

Select “Fastest Growing” from the filter list. This feature gives you the option to choose a percentage range for sales or total unit growth (i.e. a range of 100% to 9999% would capture companies that have more than doubled their previous year’s numbers).

3. Live Dashboard

A quick way to access top companies is with the “CSG Data Dashboard.” This dashboard gives you updated information on the top 25 companies by sales & locations as-well-as the top 5 fastest growing. You can also download complete company profiles using the PDF icon.

4. Exported Results

After you have made all your search selections and run your query, click on the gray “Export” button which is located below the word “Download”. Once you have opened the spreadsheet in a program like Excel, you can use the use the Sort functionality to rank the worksheet by Total Units, Total/Industry/Foodservice Sales, Growth Percentages, or Projected Openings/Remodelings.*


*Some features may only be available in select databases. Exporting is only accessible to PRO, PLUS, and Premier subscriptions.


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