Albertsons LLC, founded in 2006, is the second largest supermarket in the US. Found in 32 states and the District of Columbia with over 2,200 locations, the retailer sells everything from auto supplies to greeting cards. In the last year, Albertson’s has grown to make over $60B in sales revenue, a 1.02% increase according to CSG’s Retail Technology Database.

In a recent announcement, the grocer stated it would be installing self-checkout units for all its concepts. Additionally, the retailer is testing a new POS mobile system to reduce check out times. The two systems focus on optimizing the front-end experience by decreasing wait times and elevating customer satisfaction, which Albertsons prides itself on.

Some stores had self-checkout units in the past but had removed the machines due to the company wanting a more personal customer experience. By eliminating the checkout machine, wait-times increased, and though there was a high focus shopper/associate interaction, it still lacked the speed to keep the traffic flowing. With both the mobile POS and the updated self-checkout systems, Albertsons will be able to keep its focus on customer satisfaction through personal interaction, while maintaining steady traffic flow and shorter wait times. The new systems are being tested and plan to go live by the end of 2019.