While many news stories related to the retail market are about closures, the reality is, companies are doing remarkably well with plans for growth. Burlington, previously known as Burlington Coat Factory, has been doing exceptionally well for over a decade, and after its rebranding in 2015 the average sales growth has exceeded 9% from year to year. In 2017, the company surpassed $6B in sales and opened 37 locations. Keeping the upward momentum, the retailer plans to open another 50 stores in 2019.

Traditionally, Burlington has preferred locations with 80K sq.ft., but their recent openings have scaled back to between 40K-50K sq.ft. The smaller size allows consumers a more intimate shopping experience where they won’t be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of products. It also offers new opportunities for agents looking to lease out smaller store locations. According to CSG’s Leading Chain Tenants database, the retailer currently operates in 45 states plus Puerto Rico and can typically be found in mall locations and freestanding facilities. Due to their versatility, Burlington offers opportunities for commercial real estate investors and suppliers alike.