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Our functional area option allows you to narrow your search by selecting the personnel in specific divisions of the company .* This function is only available to those who have the Pro, Plus, or Premier databases. Log into your account on your desktop, smart phone or tablet to access your database and get started.

How to Use the Functional Area

The Functional Area feature is located within the personnel tab below the Title/Function button. The Functional Area option allows you to narrow your search to only the personnel of specific divisions of the company versus choosing an employee’s general title such as buyer or executive.

For example, if you want to find all personnel who work in the sales department, you can open the Functional Area field, and select “Sales.” This will bring up all the personnel listed in our database who are members of the sales department.

As a best practice, use Title/Function and Functional Area separately as they can return no results if used together.

If you require any assistance or wish to upgrade your database to include Functional Areas, please contact us and your Account Manager can help you over the phone or via a screen share conference.

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