While other hardware stores have been struggling since the middle of 2018, 84 Lumber Co. is doing quite well for itself. The industry has taken a hit in recent months as retailers struggle to cope with the rising tariffs on imports. In addition to tariffs on Canadian lumber imports which went into effect April 2017, retailers are now dealing with additional tariffs on Chinese imports. This primarily affected steel and lumber imports, which make up a large portion of hardware store sales.

In recent news, 84 Lumber Co. announced John Hay as the new Divisional Vice President of the Mid-Atlantic Region. He’s been with the company since 1989 and is responsible for generating $34.9M in revenue in 2018 for the one store he managed. The company is excited to see what Hay can do to keep its impressive 2018 sales numbers on an upward climb.

Forbes named 84 Lumber the 125th largest private company in America, an increase from 2017 where it ranked 159th. In fact, since Forbes started making a list in 1985, 84 Lumber has consistently been included. According to CSG’s Home Center Operators & Hardware Chains Database, the company had an astounding 28.67% sales growth in 2018, ending the fiscal year at just shy of $4B.