In the age of organic produce and essential oils, staying one step ahead of the latest health trend is imperative. While some health trends have no base in science, cannabidiol (CBD) oils have been well documented through peer-reviewed journals to help several conditions from eczema to depression and anxiety. Since CBD holds no psychoactive properties, the number of products using the oil has increased over the past few years. According to statistics, sales grew a surprising 147% globally in 2018, and predictions state by 2022, it will be a 22 billion dollar business.

Realizing the potential sales for products with CBD, Kroger announced their intention to add a new product line to their shelves. A total of 945 stores will start selling topical lotions, balms, oils, and creams made with cannabidiol. As of yet, no product labels have been announced.

According to CSG’s Supermarket, Grocery & Convenience Stores Database, Kroger has over 1,000 locations with 29 trade names for a total of 3,000 units. There’s a lot of potential for suppliers looking to get their CBD infused products on the shelves.