Experimentation is vital for retailers to remain current, gain new customers, and keep their doors open. As online shopping gains popularity, retailers are struggling to find trendy new ways to pull consumers into their stores. One successful method has been using social media to drive up foot traffic. Nordstroms recently added a 3D Instagram installation to the roof of one high-traffic store location giving shoppers a new experience and driving up brand awareness for the company. Lowes was able to bring back its popular “Fix in Six” videos, by adapting the videos for a fun and impressive window display. Victoria’s Secret added clever signs and new displays to several of their stores with the bonus of offering a gift to customers who take selfies inside their stores.

In addition to adding new signs, displays, and window decorations, companies have also been testing the concept of “destination shopping.” Pop-up locations have become the trend for both small and large companies alike who are using smaller spaces to make immersive destinations. Traditionally shoppers would enter a store to shop, but now with interactive displays, charging stations, and comfortable seating locations, consumers can browse at their leisure, charge their mobile devices, and relax before making their purchases. The strategy keeps customers in stores longer, who then buy more products.

There is a strong need for new store locations and interactive displays to meet the demands of the changing retail market. Chain Store Guide’s Leading Chain Tenants has over 9,000 companies who have realized to stay current innovation is critical.