Weis Markets, a grocery chain mainly located in the northeastern United States, has been doing notably well the last several years. According to CSG’s data research, over the last five years, Weis has increased revenue by an average of 5.5% with some years seeing profits rising by as much as 10%. In 2017, the grocery chain opened an astounding 41 new locations. Recently, the company announced plans to invest $109M back into the chain due to the lower percentage of growth seen in 2018.

Although the numbers are on a steady increase, previous years had much more substantial revenue gains. In both 2016 and 2017 the grocer had nearly 10% growth, however, the following year, as CSG’s Supermarket, Grocery & Convenience Store Database points out, sales only grew by 1.2%. The sudden drop in revenue pushed executives into creating plans to ensure the same level of increase by the end of 2019.

Weis will see numerous changes in the upcoming year, including at least one new store opening, 14 remodels, six new fuel centers, and investments in their supply chain and information technology. The company is now offering online ordering with curbside pick up, and 174 stores, which is over 86% of its store volume, are going the extra mile to include home delivery. There are also plans in place to reduce the retailer’s carbon footprint by 20% before 2020; halfway through 2019, Weis has met that goal.

The focus on growth with $109M invested will no doubt have a massive impact on the already popular grocery store. More consumers are looking for online ordering with pick up or home delivery options, and Weis is delivering. More options for consumers means demands for new locations, which is what Weis is hoping for; no doubt 2019’s numbers will show the increase the grocery chain is wanting.