As part of our “100 Years and Counting” Milestones series, each week we will spotlight companies celebrating quarter century anniversaries up to their 100th centennial in honor of the NRA Show’s incredible 100 years of service.

Celebrating its 25th birthday this year, Firehouse Restaurant Group, better known as Firehouse Subs, has seen tremendous growth throughout its history. In the last five years, the company has grown from 581 units to 1,160 at the end of 2018, increasing by 100%; that’s an average of 142 openings per year.  Between 2017 and 2018, this popular chain increased its locations by nearly 12% going from 1,039 units to over 1,160. The sales numbers are even more impressive than the physical growth, rising 66% in one year, from $34,300,000 to $57,079,000 according to Chain Store Guide data.

2019 is continuing the explosive trend; in the last four months, the restaurant chain has opened five locations and has announced intentions for several more. With such incredible success, it’s no surprise Forbes named Firehouse Subs one of the best franchisees to buy and Entrepreneur Magazine awarded it the top 500 fastest growing franchises in the US.

Another notable restaurant also celebrating 25 years is Wingstop, Inc. Wingstop’s primary goal is to break into the top 10 global restaurant brands, and with the rate of growth they’re experiencing, that goal is reachable. In the last five years, the company increased locations by 102%; which is an average of 126 stores per year.

In March, Maurice Cooper became Wingstop’s new Executive Vice President, Chief Growth & Experience Officer, a role that was created solely for Cooper. In his first year as Chief Marketing Officer, Cooper introduced a new marketing campaign designed to reach a wider audience and assist in their growth strategy. It certainly worked, in the last year, 119 additional locations opened bringing their total number of units to 1,252 worldwide (1,095 domestic).

In comparison to the 100 years the National Restaurant Association is celebrating, these two restaurants have a long way to go. If the last 25 years, and the impressive growth and sales numbers are any indication, they will have no problem making it that far.