If you’re looking for pizza chains that are a lock to add 50 or more net units this year, the list is small. We can thank Domino’s dominance in the traditional take-out and delivery space and the emergence of two clear-cut winners in the fast-casual shake out. The result? Less unit growth than projected in 2018 and less hype for 2019. While Pizza Hut can be counted on to open up 150 or so new units, it can also be counted on to close that many or more existing buildings.

That leaves us with Domino’s, MOD Pizza, Blaze Pizza and Marco’s. Domino’s recently announced that it would build 2,000 new US stores by 2025, and we can look for 250-300 this year. MOD Pizza has projected and consistently met its goal of 100 net new stores per year over the last few years, and there’s no reason to believe they won’t do it again. Blaze has slowed its roll, and its projections for the year are more in line with the reality of the past. Look for a solid 70 new stores before the year is out.

Marco’s has added around 100 new units a year since 2012, but the company slowed expansion in 2018. We’re projecting 80 new stores for 2019 along with the rollout of a new store prototype.