Call it the QVC of the Amazon era, call it Twitch for infomercials, call it what you want, but the big A quietly debuted its own home shopping network of sorts last week, Amazon Live.

The new feature leverages experience the company gained from livestreaming during Amazon Prime Day for the past couple of years and offers a mix of Amazon-produced studio segments and product streams direct from the companies hawking the goods.

To date, “Live” is a bit of a misnomer as the streams aren’t always live with the 24/7 feel of QVC, but Amazon queues up past pitches (as seen below) for viewing.

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Each stream is accompanied by a carousel at the bottom that directs viewers to the product page.

Amazon has yet to publicly promote the service or provide a link on its homepage, but it has created a landing page for businesses interested in partnering with the service as well as the Amazon Live Creator app that sellers can use to create their streams. The company is likely building out available streams and working out the kinks in advance of a larger rollout.

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