In a development that makes absolutely perfect sense, Good Times Burgers and Frozen Custard announced that it is partnering with fellow Denver-based company Valyant AI to test Valyant’s “proprietary conversational AI platform that integrates with existing drive through hardware and on premise or cloud point of sale (POS) systems” (in their words).

Image courtesy of Valyant AI.

Good Times is trialing the system by taking live customer breakfast orders at the drive thru at their 2095 S. Broadway, Denver store. As anyone who has ever watched the seconds tick off a drive-thru clock during lunch rush knows, seconds matter. In a press release, Valyant notes that the accuracy of its system applied to the drive-thru already exceeds that of Google’s voice assistants.  If Valyant pulls off this trial and the platform proves out, change may be coming to the QSR industry.

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