This month, we feature two independent pet chains from CSG’s Discount Stores & Specialty Retailers Database that have leveraged a focus on the natural/organic segment in pet retail to significantly grow their operations in the last two years.

After an appearance on the CNBC show The Profit in 2015 and an investment from show star Marcus Lemonis, Bentley’s Pet Plus doubled it store count in 2017 and reached the 100-store mark in early 2018. Expanding primarily through acquisitions, the company has felt some growing pains in the last 18 months, but CSG feels the company could add between 15 and 20 new locations to its roster in 2019.

Memphis-based Hollywood Feed (the first store was located at the corner of Hollywood and Jackson circa 1950; hence the name) added 27 stores in 2018, primarily in the Southeast, to grow its footprint by 45% this year. Texas and the greater Atlanta metro area have been a focus in the last 18 months, and CSG expects more growth. Much like Bentley’s this year, though, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Hollywood Feed take a minute to catch its breath in 2019, so we’re projecting the addition of 10 to 15 new units next year.