Applebee’s got back into the operations business this month when it reacquired 69 stores from Apple Gold Group. Apple Gold had been the lead franchisee for Applebee’s in the Carolinas. Applebee’s COO Kevin Carrol will head up the company-operated locations.

Earlier this fall, Applebee’s was rebuffed in its efforts to take back 135 units from RMH Franchise Holdings amidst that company’s bankruptcy proceedings. That dispute reached a resolution this month as RMH agreed to pay Applebee’s the royalties and fees owed to the company.

Leveraging CSG’s Top 50 Restaurant Concepts Database, which links franchisees to their geocoded locations for the largest chains in the industry, we were able to easily identify and map the 69 Apple Gold locations Applebee’s bought back in the map below.