Wendy’s recently created what it’s calling a Digital Experience Organization and announced a reorganization of its leadership structure as a result. The newly created Digital Experience Organization will be headed by Chief Concept and Marketing Officer Kurt Kane. (Check out this month’s Technology DataTrac for more on the personnel moves associated with the reorganization.)

Kane’s immediate focus, with help from an outside consulting firm, will fall on ongoing initiatives tied directly to restaurant sales – delivery, mobile ordering, digital promotions and loyalty programs, and instore kiosks.  The goal is to bring each of these pieces together into what should be a seamless ecosystem and accelerate growth.

Wendy’s has struggled to provide consumers with a winning app experience. And for all of last’s year’s media coverage and fanfare surrounding Wendy’s effort to cut labor costs through instore kiosks, results seem to be incremental at best to date. In this month’s earnings call, Wendy’s CEO Todd Penegor noted the company is “seeing a little higher average checks, increased throughput, and a good customer experience.”

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