This month’s Tenant Insight features a street-level view of changes in the retail and grocery space for the second quarter of 2018. Each month, Chain Store Guide analyze­­­s and tracks a half-million store location records to provide our corporate, real estate and private equity clients with the most accurate and timely data on opened and closed storefronts across the US.

The graphic below features 400 of the 2,300 openings and closings we’ve recorded for April, May and June. We’ve limited the location set seen here to chains the have opened or closed two or more drugstore, supermarket, discount or general merchandise store locations.

CSG offers our clients up to 20 individual data points for each opened or closed location, including lat and long, providing them with the information they need to track expansion and contraction, at the store level, across a host of retail and foodservice industries. And we deliver the data in a form and on a schedule that suits each individual client’s needs.

If your organization has a need for this level of retail location data, we’d like to partner with you.