In the restaurant space, the first cracks have begun to appear in the fast-casual boom while a widespread quick-serve resurgence isn’t in the cards just yet. But one macro-concept that cuts across both sectors of the restaurant business is having a moment – chicken. If your real estate or business plans target restaurants, take a look at these chains. We’ve assembled a growth report with six top chicken chains that should keep the good times going through 2017 and beyond.

The personnel counts in the visualization above are those you’ll find in our Leading Chain Tenants Database, which features 9,200 chain restaurants and retailers, along with more than 45,100 corporate executives and decision makers. The 2017 are CSG projections of each chain’s store count at the end of the year.

* Chain Store Guide has spent the last 18 months creating a database that captures the franchise networks of the 50 largest US restaurant chains – including the franchise owners, their contact information and the locations that they own. That’s data that only Chain Store Guide can provide.  Click here for more information, including an interactive map of all of the locations.