Lidl has arrived, and the global discount grocery giant has been opening stores at a rate of approximately 10 per month this summer. With another round of store openings on Thursday (September 28), Lidl will close the month of September with 34 US stores in five east-coast states.

Lidl’s recent statements point to 100 stores open along the east coast by mid-2018, a number easily reached at its current pace. However, Chain Store Guide expects that number may be closer to 150 to 200.


Lidl is notoriously tight lipped about company matters, and thus far, has exceeded expectations it has set publicly in terms of both timelines for and number of openings in the US. (Less than 18 months ago, Lidl’s company line was store openings wouldn’t begin until early 2018.)

For its east coast efforts, Lidl has sites laid out from North Jersey to Atlanta. In the near term, expect the first store in New Jersey to open in the coming weeks, followed by up to a half dozen more in quick succession. More stores for Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina are also in the cards.

Other real estate news this week has shed additional light on the company’s eventual westward expansion. Lidl confirmed that it has a number of sites under consideration in Alabama after the Decatur, AL mayor announced that his city would be home to the first store in the state. And in Texas, Lidl’s purchase of two San Antonio sites in recent weeks has been widely reported. These sites add to plans in place for approximately a dozen stores split between the Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston markets as points of entry into the state.