Following Hurricane Irma’s landfall along the West Coast of Florida Monday morning, Chain Store Guide, our online products and our Tampa headquarters are back in business.

We want thank you, our clients and customers, for your patience.

Unfortunately, for many of our fellow Florida businesses, recovery efforts have just begun. From Key West and Naples to Tampa and Tallahassee and from Miami to Jacksonville, the effects of Irma will be felt for days, weeks and months to come.

Perhaps Irma’s greatest impact will be felt in the Florida Keys, where this morning, FEMA estimates 25% of houses have been destroyed, and an additional 65% have suffered major damage. Likewise, businesses large and small, independents, franchisees and corporations, the economic engines of the Keys that provide its residents with their livelihoods, have been significantly impacted. The map below contains the 300 businesses in Key West and the Florida Keys that meet the criteria to be included in one or more of Chain Store Guide’s retail and foodservice industry databases.

As part of the Tampa Bay and Florida business communities, our thoughts are with all Florida residents and business owners.

If you have any problems accessing your Chain Store Guide account or online database, please contact your representative or call us at 800.927.9292.