The good folks at Amazon often look to bring a bit of whimsy into our world when they name each Amazon Locker. In addition to run-of-the-mill monikers like Heather, Doris, Emilio and Craig, Amazon also employs various themes when naming the lockers – fruits, vegetables and all things South Pacific are a few. Other names stand out even more. Here, then are ten of our favorites.

10. Tugboat

9. Giddyup

8. Slurpee (located in a 7-Eleven, of course)

7. Panacea

6. Cowabunga

5. Waffle (mmm . . . waffles)

4. Neutron

3. Shabnam (1970s and ’80s Banladeshi actress)

2. Lutefisk

1. Estoy (Spanish for “I am”)