With shopping malls retaining nearly 95% occupancy and online born retailers like Amazon moving into the physical space, Chain Store Guide estimates over 26,900 new locations for large chains to open in the next year. While internet retailer sales have surged 143.1% YoY growth in Q1-2016, it has also given suppliers more opportunities and inspired traditional retailers to increase their online capabilities. CSG’s data supports the fact that retail is not only alive, but ripe with new prospects.

Retail stores won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, with new openings, over 6,000 locations being remodeled in the next year, and online retail planting its roots. 72% of consumers cite the ability to “touch and try” products as their reason for visiting stores. This is further supported by the growing interest for in-store experience by Generation Z.

The way in which consumers both interact with and purchase products have changed over the years. Today, online ordering, mobile apps, virtual showrooming, and social media have become part of the multichannel retailing toolkit in addition to the in‑store experience. In addition, online storefronts allow for extra product offerings not available in stores, also tracked by CSG. This opens more opportunities for retailers, and their suppliers, to reach the now five generation span of consumers who all utilize different avenues of purchasing.

CSG offers many custom solutions to reach and research these retailers, both eCommerce & Brick-and-Mortar, to enhance your business planning. Make us the key resource in your marketing strategy by supplying the growing American retail landscape with your products & services using our custom personnel lists. We also provide store location databases so you can track the market changes, target companies in need of services, and competitive analyses. For over 80 years, CSG has been the primary provider of market data & leads, and will continue to assist the companies in our growing retail economy.

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