Chain Store Guide has released our 2017 Grocery Industry Market Share Report, and once again, the New York metro area tops all other markets in total grocery spending. Households in CBSA 35620 spent 3.82% of their income in 2016 on food and beverages consumed at home, the lowest percentage among the top five areas in the country in terms of annual grocery spend as calculated by Chain Store Guide. Rounding out the top five are the CBSAs home to Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas and Houston.

The graphic below captures 2016 market share for the New York Metro area. By clicking on the image, you can use the pie chart to access the market share for every company with a market share of 0.30% or greater, along with the banners under which they operate.

The 2017 Grocery Industry Market Share Report measures the sales performance of grocery retailers and their competitors across all 900+ Core Based Statistical Areas. The report includes three years of historical sales data and market share for each CBSA as well as 18 demographic elements, such as population, average household income, median age and so on.