We are excited to launch our new CSG Exclusive series. The Exclusive is where you will get firsthand knowledge on the topics that impact your industry. Please let us know if you have any feedback or would like to see any additional features.

This month, Chain Store Guide changes the focus to look at how we provide our partners and clients with the market research they use to identify commercial tenants, fill vacancies and grow retail signage, construction, facility maintenance and store-fixture businesses.

Our ability to consistently deliver timely, accurate, accessible and actionable data is powered by Gator 2 (G2), our second generation cloud-based relational database. Gator makes our brand of data possible by allowing our data scientists to crunch hundreds of data elements into highly targeted solutions. Access over 9,000 retail and restaurant chains with CSG’s online Leading Chain Tenant database tools.

Big data is fine. Gator gets local.

Whether the search is by region, state, city or zip code, Gator delivers the intelligence on existing footprints and expansion plans of companies in the area.

Location is just the tip of the iceberg. Gator is the engine that drives all of our databases with hundreds of unique attributes, transmitting leads and market data to our clients. Gator provides the ability to go across multiple retail and foodservice channels, allowing clients to generate a list of prospects that will provide profitable results. This pairing of rich data with high-level functionality and flexibility produces outcomes that speak precisely to the individual needs of an organization.

It all starts with the data source. From CSG’s Florida-based headquarters, researchers, editors, callers and data scientists follow a data-gathering and blending process that includes:

Primary research: CSG researchers design and implement studies that produce the data —preferred square footage and location types, personnel, personal email addresses — that our clients value. Primary research also captures retailers’ intended purchases over the next year for signage, lighting fixtures, HVAC, landscaping and 30+ other goods and services.

Systematic industry reviews: Industry-level experts spend hours each day monitoring and capturing forward-looking intelligence on restaurant chains and more than 30 unique categories of chain retailers — openings, closings and areas of expansion to start.

Database updates: Company and location records are updated each day, every day. The data updates are fed to our online portal by Gator and are delivered to our clients and partners the next morning.

Personal verification: CSG’s research staff contacts key company personnel to personally verify the listed information.

Inbuilt validation: Gator also undertakes data-cleansing and verification processes to create the most accurate and complete records.

Collaboration: We give our clients the opportunity to share their data via our online contribution portal so that CSG researchers can verify and upload that data back into the Gator database.

Gator + People: Chain Store Guide’s equation for providing accessible, actionable data at a local level