Pizza Hut has launched a pizza-themed clothing and lifestyle line, called “Hut Swag”.  The brand offers a range of items including t-shirts, hats, sunglasses, and scarves along with pillowcases and blankets. Prices range from $15 for a hat to $180 for a skateboard. Some pieces are made with material that looks like a pizza, while others have slogans such as “My Pizza, My Life”, and for the millennials “Pizza is Bae”.  Being a loyal pizza fan is not required to purchase or wear the new “Hut Swag”, but it is certainly recommended.

While all elements of Pizza Hut’s new brand are clearly advertising pizza, not all are clearly linking the leading company. Some items have the Pizza Hut logo on them, while others just portray pure pizza devotion. The unique clothing line includes a hat that sums it all up with “Stay Cheesy”.

Pizza Hut published a video introducing Hut Swag in December. The film shows a man going about his day in which everything he wears or uses is a Pizza Hut item. There is no mention of Hut Swag on the website, but the company recently created to sell the new merchandise.

The new line promises to give back to the community. Pizza Hut’s latest tweet about the new line said “Fun fact: We donate 100% of all net profits from the sale of Pizza Hut merchandise to @WFP.” WFP refers to The United Nations World Food Programme, which boasts itself as the world’s largest humanitarian agency on the front lines against hunger.

Pizza Hut Inc. is part of YUM! Brands Inc. and brings in an estimated $5 billion annually. According to Chain Store Guide’s database of Chain Restaurant Operators, Pizza Hut operates over 15,600 locations. In comparison, Domino’s has closer to 12,100 locations and Papa John’s operates 4,700.