When thoughts of ‘tablet’ come to mind, the Apple iPad is undoubtedly the first and most prominent that appears. It’s no surprise that the company is the current leading technology supplier for tabletop tablets in restaurants across the country.

Tablets at the dining table provide benefits for both the retailer and the consumer; patrons can play games – which can be especially useful for families with children – review nutritional facts and pay their bill, among other things. Tablets also help servers be more efficient, while restaurant chains can use the devices for advertising purposes and as a way to obtain consumer behavior data. Arguably, how diners behave while at the table is one of the most valuable pieces of information a restaurant can have.

Based on data from Chain Store Guide, Apple is the leading provider of tabletop tablet tech in the country. With Apple’s introduction of Apple Pay, its own version mobile payment technology, the company looks to be on the forefront of consumer/retailer mobile engagement.

Tabletop Tablet Market Share*

*Source: Chain Store Guide’s 2016 Database of Foodservice Technology studies. Results based on a sample of 35 unique restaurant chains that are using tabletop tablet technology.