Pharmabox, Inc., the developer of the new drugstore kiosk, announced this week their first units are shipping. The Pharmabox website currently has one location listed in Miami, FL. The company is now accepting inquiries for exclusive distributorships and franchises.

The Pharmabox is a self-service kiosk designed to reach underserved communities, that carries over 140 items typically found in a local pharmacy. The machines use a virtual sales assistant that provides a pleasant interaction for the consumer and allows for rapid product selection. Consumers can search the Pharmabox website to locate a product or kiosk. Products offered include a wide variety of beauty products, personal care items and over the counter medicines. The machines accept cash and credit cards for payment.

Pharmabox kiosks are designed to be located in high frequency areas such as airports, metro stations, malls, gas stations, theme parks, university campuses, or office buildings. Each machine is approximately 6 feet tall, weighs approximately 4,800 pounds, and has a diameter of 2.6 feet. Pharmabox kiosks can store 1500-2100 products.

Pharmabox Founder and CEO Alejandro Rodriguez wanted to find a way to get top name brand products into communities and areas that are not well-served by traditional stores. The company also has a commitment to the community. Pharmabox donates one meal for each 10 items sold to The Homeless Voice – a nonprofit organization that provides shelter and food for over 500 homeless people daily.