Sherwin-Williams Reaches a Landmark


101 W Prospect Ave
Cleveland, OH 44115-1075

216 566-2000

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Christopher M. Connor- Chairman and CEO
Robert J. Davisson- President (Paint Stores Group)


The Sherwin-Williams Co. proudly traces its origins back to 1866, shortly after the Civil war came to an end.  In fact, the company’s founders and namesakes, Henry Sherwin and Edward Williams, began the company with several associates from what was to become the Paint Stores Group.

Sherwin-Williams has seemingly never lost sight of its goal to grow continuously, often regardless of current economic landscapes.  Through the company’s many years of existence, corporate management has embarked on expansion through the acquisitions of regional competitors and strong independents.

Last year the company sought to add enormous growth through a giant acquisition.  The target company was Mexican-based Comex and its considerable properties in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.  The U.S. and Canadian part of the deal went through easily.  Acquisition of the Mexican properties was twice blocked by Mexico’s equivalent of our Federal Trade Commission.  Then Sherwin-Williams withdrew its offer for the Mexican side of the deal as per the original contractual agreement, as it was bringing its newly acquired U.S. and Canadian properties into the fold.

Sherwin-Williams however, views its mandate for expansion as per using any means available to prudently grow the company.  Aside from carefully researched acquisitions, the company proudly seeks to open new locations in communities in which the company deems there is a real need for its store services.

The company’s latest store opening came from this latter source.  Interestingly, the company’s most recent opening brought the current store count to a landmark four thousand locations as noted above.  While an impressive number, this is not a company which rests on its laurels.  While store number five thousand is likely not even on the corporate back burner, store number 4,100 will likely open when the company sees a compelling need for that opening.