Chuy’s Holdings Inc.

1623 Toomey Rd
Austin, TX 78704-1098



Total Current Locations:

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2013 Sales:

Senior Executives:
Co-Chairman: John Zapp
Co-Chairman: Michael young
CEO, President: Steve Hislop
CFO: Jon Howie
CAO: Sharon Russell


In general, someone can visit a restaurant in one region of the country then visit the same restaurant in another and both restaurants ultimately look and feel exactly the same – identical menu, décor, uncomfortable booths, canned salsa, and a bartender named Ryan or Jen mixing cocktails or pouring cold ones.

Of course, each restaurant concept offers different menu types with a serving staff on skates or wearing kilts, but all-in-all today’s restaurants have a similar standardized look and feel making each experience blend together.

Now, let’s play the “What If?” game. What if a restaurant had 55 unique locations spanning the southeast all with an “unchained” look and feel? What if the same restaurant chain required each of its locations to produce homemade sauces daily that accompanies the burrito named “as big as yo’ face?” And what if this so-called Texican restaurant chain, backed by a management team that averages 29 years of restaurant experience with deep rooted and inspiring company culture, really existed?

Luckily, it does.

Welcome to Chuy’s restaurants where the motto is “If you’ve seen one Chuy’s, you’ve seen one Chuy’s!” and the burritos are literally as big as your face. Founded in Austin, TX, in 1982, Chuy’s fast-growing full-service restaurant concept offers a distinct menu of authentic, freshly-prepared Mexican and Tex-Mex inspired entrees. Each restaurant is equipped with an upbeat, funky, and somewhat irreverent atmosphere while still maintaining a family-friendly environment. Although sustaining Chuy’s uniqueness has contributed to its continuing success, it is important to note that other factors were required, too.

In order to remain competitive within the restaurant industry, Chuy’s physical footprint is approximately 6,000 square feet to accommodate families and parties of all sizes and its reasonably priced menu results in an average check of $13.46 per person. With an average unit volume of approximately $5 million, Chuy’s will execute its strategic growth plan by opening 10-11 new restaurants in 2014. Management projects 20% annual growth in the next five years with expansion locations to include Indiana, North Carolina, and Texas.