Pizza Hut’s latest announcement is adding a whole new dimension to tabletop technology and making traditional menus look archaic. The chain is testing a new and original digital interactive tabletop that allows customers to order pizza at their seats via touchscreen.

The technology, developed by Chaotic Moon Studios, has literally turned the tabletop into a touchscreen, almost like a giant tablet, where patrons can customize and order pizza and other menu offerings with the swipe of their fingers.

In a series of visual step by step instructions, customers can use their fingers to select the size of their pizza and simply drag the amount of cheese and toppings. This offers a fun and interactive way to order for everyone at the table. It also offers gaming apps to help pass the wait time and tableside payment when they’re ready to check out, an option more customers are warming up to.

Over the past few years tabletop technology has been gaining popularity. The technology, particularly tablets, has been very cutting edge yet cost effective for some small to mid-size restaurant companies looking for menu display, point of sale, and ordering.

Recently large casual dining chains Chili’s and Applebee’s announced plans to roll out tabletop tablets to all U.S. restaurants in 2014.

In the case of Pizza Hut, their original innovative tabletop design is still in the testing phase and if rolled out the chain would look at this to be a driver of dine-in traffic and a point of differentiation between competitors.

Currently there are over 350 restaurant chains in Chain Store Guide’s database that indicate they are using some type of tablet in their restaurants and another 53 that plan to implement in the next 12 months.