Google made headlines earlier this month with the announcement that it would be providing WiFi services to all U.S. Starbucks locations. Google is partnering with Level 3 Communications to outfit all of the locations and the installment will take place over the next year and a half as current provider AT&T is phased out.

Google is promising connection speeds up to 10x faster than what Starbucks currently has and in some places this could jump to 100x. It was reported that AT&T also offered connection speeds up to 10X faster in their proposal, so why did Starbucks choose Google? The answer likely boils down to price.

This is a big win for Google as millions of Starbucks customers access the current service each week. As consumers are consistently downloading and streaming large data files like music and movies, the need for faster WiFi services has increased tremendously. The upgrade in connection speed will help attract new and repeat visitors. There are also plans in the works to upgrade Starbucks’ Digital Network.