Walgreens has had a busy month in May, celebrating the openings of two new flagship store locations in Boston and San Francisco. Both locations feature an extensive list of innovative offerings and products unique to a typical drugstore.  Such was been the norm for Walgreens as of late, which has been heavily pushing boundaries in the retail drug industry.  The pharmacies in the new Boston and San Fran locations were enhanced and developed to continue with Walgreens’ emphasis of greater interaction between pharmacist and patient.

In addition, both new locations house a LOOK Boutique, which feature dozens of prestige and niche health and beauty products.  Walgreens’ Upmarket Café staffed with a barista for coffee serving and a Coca-Cola Freestyle machine dispensing 130 varieties of fountain drinks can be found in both locations as well.

According to Chain Store Guide data, Walgreens has strong presences in both the Boston and San Francisco core-based statistical areas (CBSA).


Prescription Sales Market Share


Prescription Sales Market Share

*Source: 2012 Chain Store Guide Drug Industry Market Share Report