It seems like you can get a t-shirt just about anywhere these days. You can even buy a summer dress at Walgreens or a cute baby outfit at Dollar Tree. More companies are selling apparel-related products and are putting people in charge of the new addition to their merchandise selection. 

ChainStore Guide recently added a new business type to the Apparel Specialty Stores Online Plus. “Non-Traditional Apparel Retailers” are companies selling anything in the apparel product category, but do not specialize in apparel. More than 1,300 headquarter listings from other Chain Store Guide databases were added. Companies with the following primary industries were included: Book Stores, Card/Gift/Novelty, Drug Store and HBC Chains, General Merchandise Stores, Home Centers & Hardware Chains, Home Furnishings Retail, Houseware/Giftware, Military PX’s, Toy/Hobby/Craft/Fabric Retail.


The Non-Traditional Apparel Retailers added to the database include over 2,200 names and 1,800 personal email addresses. Titles that were added include those associated with apparel products only and the personnel included are buying personnel only. Apparel buyers, merchandisers and persons in charge of the apparel division are examples of what you will find in the listings of the new business type. Apparel and accessory suppliers need to contact these people to get their products on store shelves, because these are the people making the buying decisions. Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.