In an interesting twist on the “self-checkout” concept, Stop & Shop and Giant supermarkets in the Northeast have rolled out a new system called “ScanIt!”

It works by shoppers using an easy-to-read scanner device that is connected to their shopping carts. Customers scan and bag their items and the device keeps a running total. 
The benefits for the business as well as the consumer are paying off. If you’ve ever tried to keep a running total in your head as you run from isle to isle, this technology is for you. The device also displays electronic coupons periodically during the shopping trip and shoppers who use ScanIt! spend about 10% more than the average consumer.
As this grows in popularity it could be an opportunity for stores to save on labor costs. And in the true spirit of Self-Checkout, it saves valuable time. Look for this type of innovative technology to continue to sprout up in different forms over different industries. 

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